50 Must-See Artworks

UNTITLED, Art Miami, NADA, PULSE, and More

NOV 26TH, 2016 2:00 PM

As Miami fair week approaches and galleries from around the globe begin to fill tents and convention centers all over the city, it’s important to strategically approach your itinerary. How else can you hit all the fairs—and artworks—you hope to see? Beyond the main event, Art Basel in Miami Beach, a crop of satellite fairs offer the opportunity to discover even more work, often by younger artists and at a lower price point. We’ve scoured the previews of Miami’s six strongest satellite fairs—UNTITLED, Art Miami, NADA, PULSE, CONTEXT, and Miami Project—to bring you 50 artworks you won’t want to miss on your 2016 tour.

Schulman has been creating collages all his life. Preferring to live with his Grandparents who designed wedding dresses and suits. His work often incorporates “found” objects, and very often items relates to sewing. Forms often mimic zippers, buttons and the detritus to be found in a NYC sweat shop.

Bronx born street and elite bred, generational artist George Schulman stories draw you in. Front and center in 1980’s Soho New York Art Scene, historically its most creative era. One story is at 20, Schulman became Assistant to the Registrar of the famed Marlborough Gallery, he touched up the Dutch Masters Series of Larry Rivers before hanging the show and the many gallery visits to other art icons of that era.

Generous and always eager to help, another story is of befriended and helping a raw struggling artist who regularly used the Xerox Machine at the elite art supply store in Soho, Jamie Canvas. Store manager Schulman, suggested the young artist created postcards to sell at the cash register. Catching the eye of a customer, Andy Warhol who catapulted icon Jean Michel Basquiat’s New York Downtown Art Scene and World dominance